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On this page, we attempt to answer some of the more frequently asked questions regarding our Lake Michigan fishing charters.

After over 35 years, Captain Mike has seen and heard it all, and is the best person to ask if you have any other queries. His knowledge of fishing on Lake Michigan is unrivaled! Please contact us or send a Facebook message with your question – we’d love to help you.

Do you guarantee fish?

By far one of the most frequently asked charter boat questions that we get. No, we do not, because there is no Boat or Captain that can “guarantee” they can catch a fish each and every time they go fishing. What those guarantees really are, are simply an offer to bring you back out fishing again in the rare chance that zero fish are caught during your trip. Since this happens so infrequently, we feel it is used as a marketing ploy more than anything else. Because no one likes to work for free, those guarantees come with enough fine print to keep an attorney busy. You have to leave the dock when they say, it has to be a complete trip, etc, etc. What we do is guarantee to do the best job possible and our long client list proves that.

How long have you been doing this?
Captain Mike has been in the Charter Fishing business on a full time basis since 1983. He started fishing Lake Michigan in 1974 and enjoys it to this day.
Can we smoke on the boat?
We’d prefer not, but if you must, only with strict attention to the ashes. Because hot ashes do not get along well with fuel vapor and because fiberglass can burn from errant, wind-blown ashes, we will ask you to use a can or some other container as an ash tray. In addition, we do not provide ash trays because then we would be encouraging you to smoke which we all know is not good for your health!
Would you mind if we use just a little bit of any illegal drug onboard?
YES! We mind a lot! Due to the Coast Guard’s zero tolerance rule, any amount of illegal substances can result in confiscation of the boat and its’ contents. Need we say more?
Referring to one or more of the many gauges and instruments on the dashboard, “What does that do?”
Radar shows us other objects on or above the water, including approaching storms. Sonar shows us what is in the water below us, from the surface down to the bottom. The GPS chart plotter shows us where we are and where we have been. The autopilot is a device that steers the boat. The radios are VHF marine band, not CB’s. The cell phone, stereo and the remainder of the gauges are fairly self-explanatory.
What kind of fish will we catch?
We fish for and catch salmon and trout. In our area of the lake we catch Chinook salmon, Coho salmon, Rainbow trout (Steelhead), Brown trout and Lake trout.
Can we catch and release the fish?
Unlike other fish, salmon and trout are very fragile. Even though they may swim away, the mortality rate is very high on released salmon and trout. In addition, our fishery is a “put and take” fishery. Excluding some naturally reproducing salmon from the northern part of Michigan, the fish we catch were planted for the purpose of being caught.
Can we help set the lines?
If you want to, yes. While we are much more efficient at it than you, we will be glad to instruct if you want to learn.
Can we bring along our own rods, reels and tackle?
This is another of the most frequently asked charter boat questions that we get. Our equipment is specialized specifically for the way we fish. We’d prefer you don’t bring your own rods and reels; ours are quality equipment made for the job. Bringing along your own lures is OK; come to think of it, if we use your lures then we can’t be blamed if we don’t catch many fish!
Where do you get your equipment?
Mostly sports and tackle shops, the same places that you might. We are Pro-Staff for a couple quality manufacturers so those specific items come straight from the factory.
What happens if we dropped one of the rods in the water?
It becomes YOUR rod! ????
Do you live on the boat?
Yes, at least for a good part of the summer. Doing two charters a day makes for a long day and the time saved from travelling back and forth to home is much better used for additional rest.
If I’m tired or not feeling well can I go down below and take a nap?
NO, the effects of seasickness are multiplied when your mind cannot connect what the eyes see with the motion you feel. And, I have not asked to come sleep on your couch or bed, please don’t ask to sleep on mine!
What boat is it?
It is a 37 foot Sea Ray with two 370 HP Motors. It has a fuel capacity of 300 gallons and averages .8 MPG.
Does the boat belong to you?
Yes, it used to belong to the bank but I slowly bought it from them!
Do you allow alcoholic beverages on the boat?
Yes, beer and wine are perfectly fine. Cans are much better than bottles as cans do not break when they are dropped or knocked over. Hard alcohol is discouraged as a bouncing, moving boat can quickly turn into an accident, even without the added effects of alcohol. With all alcoholic beverages, moderation is required. One of the fastest ways to get fired as a client is to get out of control on the boat.

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