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Welcome to the fishing club! As anyone who has experienced it will tell you, there is nothing like a day of charter fishing on Lake Michigan. The enjoyment of fishing and the thrill of fighting a mighty salmon or trout, combined with the peace, serenity, and beauty of Lake Michigan is difficult for anglers to deny themselves.

For the novice, seasoned veteran, as a corporate reward or for a unique family outing, Lake Michigan charter fishing aboard the Pegasus is a great way to enjoy “World Class” salmon and trout fishing!

Our Charter Fishing History

Personally hosting clients aboard the Pegasus since 1983, Captain Mike has made a lifelong career out of his love for charter fishing for salmon and trout. With an attentive eye for catching fish, your safety and comfort, every effort will be made to ensure your day on Lake Michigan is a satisfying one.

You can read about our customer’s experiences aboard the Pegasus by taking a look at our Reviews page or browsing our TripAdvisor listing.

Experience & Dedication

Captain Mike says, “While most Great Lakes charter fishing captains do it as a summer hobby, I sport fish on a full-time basis and for a living. Since my high school days, I have spent my life fishing the Lake Michigan shores off Milwaukee. This has given me the experience to make sure you have a safe, fun and successful fishing charter.

As a full-time charter captain, my entire reputation is built on your positive experience. Charter fishing on Lake Michigan is much more than a hobby to me. It is my life!”

Charter Fishing for All

The large expanses of Lake Michigan often times demand more specialist equipment than the average fisherman has. A seaworthy boat, specialized rods, reels, and lures are items not every fishing aficionado has at their disposal.

With all the equipment you could ever need, combined with over 35 years of experience fishing on Lake Michigan, savvy fishermen look to Captain Mike and Leisure Time Charters for their Lake Michigan fishing experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, in just one short outing, Captain Mike will transform you and your group into Lake Michigan fishing pros!

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