Late April through May- Combining two important factors; #1 being questionable numbersFishing Wisconsin Lake Michigan of fish present in the lake north of the IL-WI state line and, #2 being the huge number of fish occupying the northern part of IL waters, Captain Mike heads the Pegasus south to Winthrop Harbor, IL. Here you will find huge schools of Coho Salmon, hungry after the long, cold winter season. Add in the occasional Chinook salmon, Rainbow, Lake or Brown trout and you’ll see this is a “can’t miss” time of the year to fish Lake Michigan.

Late May to mid June- With the sun creeping higher and the days growing longer, Coho Salmon begin their spring migration northward. Huge schools of these hungry silver predators invade both the shorelines and the off-shore waters of the Milwaukee Wisconsin area with a mission. Eat, Eat, Eat, and that is just what they are doing. After the cold lethargic months of winter, these fish are now active and biting and we are setting the table! With anywhere from 10 to 20 lines in the water at one time, trolling through a school of Coho is pandemonium in the making! With doubles and triples common, 7 or 8 fish on at one time won't surprise the captain but will sure get him moving!! This is the time of year for lots of fish and fast action! To maximize your spring fishing, visit our Winthrop Harbor page.

Mid June to Early July- - While the voracious Coho switch to the off-shore waters, Chinook salmon and Lake Trout will begin to orientate into a very predictable summer pattern. This is the beginning of the "mixed bag" time of year when you can expect any of Lake Michigan's salmon or trout to sample our offering of lures. The type of fish caught will be determined largely in part by our location on the lake. Coho Salmon and Steelhead will be at or near the surface over deep water while Lake Trout and Chinook Salmon will be found closer to the bottom and closer to shore. A great time of the year to make a friendly wager with the captain as to what type of fish you have hooked. Don't bet the farm.................80 percent or more of the time he will be right!
Salmon fishing Lake MichiganJuly to mid August- With the lake water now warm and stratified we can really pinpoint the fish. Beware, those 2 to 5lb. spring Coho are now grown up and ready to fight! Now averaging 6 to 12 lbs. these fish will test the line and drags. Hard runs and non-stop twisting indicate a mature Coho but wait, what's that jumping way back behind that planer board? Maybe another Coho Salmon but more than likely an acrobatic Steelhead, intent on stealing that fly on the end of your buddies line! But don't forget about Mr. Lake Trout, you can bet he's lying close to the bottom, just waiting to ambush some unlucky lure dragged into his "red zone". At first you will think you are snagged on the bottom, then the bottom will start moving. By the time you have brought that fish to the net your hands and arms will be cramped and your brow sweated up, and not from the sun! The next time that deep line goes off you'll cry FISH ON, you'll see the rod double over and proclaim "another Laker". Then the drag will start singing and not stop. From the rod movement you can see its not bottom but what is it? "KING" exclaims your captain, you've just hooked into 15 to 30+ lbs. of pure muscle!! Clearing a line or two while shouting orders to the first mate, your captain and mate will position the boat and you to most advantageously fight this brawny battler. 15 to 40 minutes later the captain going for the net signals the fish is nearing. The "Oh my Gods" and "Holy S----'s" from the rest of your party affirm the captains actions. "Easy", "gently", "not quick, smooth and steady", the captain offers advice and then, all pull disappears from the rod. The fish is in the net and "Ooo's and Ahhh's" guide the fish into the cooler. "Just bend his tail", "he'll fit", even though it's a 40" wide cooler.

Mid-August to Late September- While the off-shore fishing remains good those brutes called "Kings" are now answering natures call to reproduce and are headed back to the harbors and rivers where their introduction to this Lake Michigan began. After "staging" off the area where they were planted, they are now entering their "home" river to complete their life cycle. Traveling upstream to spawn and then eventually die, this is the one time of the year when enormous numbers of mature Chinook Salmon are concentrated in a very small area. Far from "shooting fish in a barrel", they are still not a pushover to catch. They are no longer feeding, now their only focus is to reproduce. We catch these fish by eliciting from them a "reactionary strike", maybe their maddened by the passing lure or maybe they are just moving it away from their "bed", an area they have chosen to lay their eggs. Whatever the reason, 15 to 30+ lbs. of enraged fish in a confined area will test your tackle and crew to the limit.


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